our story

Welcome to Proper Nutty – the nutty dream that took root in Yorkshire back in 2012 when two peanut-butter-obsessed pals decided to spread the love (literally!) for a peanut butter that's nothing short of sensational. Our journey began in Dewsbury in the heart of Yorkshire, where our modest space was just enough for our roaster and smuncher to do their nutty dance with a bit of elbow room.

Fast forward ten years and we've nestled ourselves in a slightly bigger spot in England, but fear not, our nutty mission remains the same – creating the most scrumptious, hand-crafted, artisanal nut butter on a slightly grander scale. You see, for us, the secret sauce to a top-notch nut butter isn't just in the recipe; it's in how we handle those peanuts with love and care.

We take immense pride in using only the peanuts we'd brag about, all while championing the highest possible nut percentage to ensure your nut butter experience is nothing short of extraordinary. Our peanuts are ground within a heartbeat of being roasted and guess what? We handle it all right here on-site, in the idylls of England, upholding our super high standards because, well, that's just how we roll – sustainably, naturally and plastic-free. Cheers to a nutty adventure with a dollop of conscience! 🥜✨ #ProperNutty #SustainablyNutty #PeanutButterJoy